Woelfel 2015 IRB member beliefs about social media

  • Title: Woelfel_2015_IRB_member_beliefs_about_social_media
  • Description: We are conducting a study about the beliefs and attitudes institutional review board (IRB) staff members have regarding the use of social media in research and how those thoughts and beliefs shape their review of study applications. This consent form gives you the information you need to decide whether or not to be in the study. Please read the form carefully. You may ask questions about any part of the study at anytime. When your questions have all been answered, you can decide if you want to participate. This process is called ‘informed consent’.
  • Team: Tiffany Woelfel, Megan Moreno, Kevin Haggerty
  • Institution: University of Washington, Seattle
  • Study: Beliefs and attitudes of IRB members towards social media
  • 6 App_A_Information_Statement_SoMe_IRB___(7-15-15)_(1).doc (41 KB)