WHO 2016 Monitoring and evaluating digital health interventions

  • Title: WHO_2016_Monitoring_and_evaluating_digital_health_interventions
  • Description: This resource represents the collective learning from five years of engagement with agencies working to strengthen their digital health deployments, develop robust evaluations, and scale up their activities nationally and regionally. The lessons learnt from working with these partners are described in this document, which provides high-level guidance and systematic direction to programme planners and implementers embarking on similar journeys. Specifically, this Guide provides an introduction to the approaches and methods that were identified as useful for (i) the monitoring of project (i.e. intervention) deployments, focusing on the quality and fidelity of the intervention inputs; and (ii) the evaluation of project outputs and impacts across a number of axes, from user satisfaction to process improvements, health outcomes and cost–effectiveness.
  • Team: World Health Organization
  • Institution: World Health Organization
  • Study: Monitoring and Evaluating Digital Health Interventions
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