Kerr 2011_Measuring_daily_movement

  • Title: Kerr_2011_Measuring_daily_movement
  • Description: You will be asked to wear four small sensors for 7 days. Two of the sensors are worn on a belt around your waist. One is worn around your neck. You will wear these three devices for waking hours only. The watch size device you wear on your wrist is worn 24 hours, including while you are sleeping. The sensors tell us about your movements throughout the day and when you are sleeping, where you go, and what you see along the way.
  • Team: Jacqueline Kerr
  • Institution: University of California, San Diego
  • Study: Measuring what you do and where you go during the day
  • 1645553707475_3 111160_2013_01_10_adult_consent.PDF (176.4 KB)